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Six Meters: The Chapel ("Hallowed Nooks")

At long last, Six Meters welcomed our audience into the group's annual candlelight Chapel performance. We began with simultaneous half-hour solos in limited areas of our choosing, letting the audience wander around to watch us improvise in our "hallowed nooks" while Sean Skahill and Mike Emmerich improvised on guitar and violin. Then the company improvised a song together before uniting to perform duos and trios for the now-stationary audience. The performance fluctuated between terror, whimsy, and celebrations of physical expression. For me, this night could only be described as magical. After we finished, I looked around the empty chapel, filled with pride at our collective accomplishment.

(Photos by: (L) Demi Demetriades, (R) David Budnick, (Bottom) Melinda Graber)

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